Why Cold Press Juice Is Great For You

Why Cold Press Juice Is Great For You

Cold Press Juice

Fruit & vegetable juice is a beverage that is enjoyed by people of all ages. And why not? Juices give us the goodness of nutritious fruits & vegetables in a more enjoyable beverage form.

However, what most of us don’t realise is that the fruit juice we buy from supermarkets are infused with added ingredients. The process in which these bottled juices are manufactured are not exactly ‘pure’ either.

To maximise the benefits of fruit juice, we strongly believe in the cold press (or slow juicing) technique. Not only do you get the higher yield of pure, unadulterated fruit juice, but you get smooth, pulp-free goodness without losing any nutrients and adding other ingredients.


How is this achieved? When the fruits and vegetables are inserted into a cold press juicer, the fruits and vegetables are squeezed slowly under high pressure by the auger against the strainer, much like how you would squeeze an orange with your hands against a citrus press.

As such, it ensures that the fruits and vegetables are not exposed to high heat and oxidation that destroys the naturally-occurring enzymes in the ingredients and lead to loss of nutrients, like in normal centrifugal juicers that uses high-speed rotating blades to extract the juice.

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It’s a bit more pricey, sure. But then, you get to enjoy premium, nutrient-packed, pulp-free and tasty fruit and vegetable juice any time of the day in the comfort of your home.

This is especially important if your main goal of drinking fruit and vegetable juice is to maximise your nutritional intake and benefit from the detoxifying properties of your ingredients.

For one, cold press juice helps our digestive system to recuperate better, since it is pulpless. This in turn increases the metabolism in our bodies, which translates to better weight loss.


The abundance of nutrients in cold press juices also helps with long-term skin nourishment from within the body, resulting in rejuvenated, fresh and glowing skin that feels hydrated.

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Of course, cold press juicing isn’t just for those who are health-conscious and drink juice for its nutritional benefits. If you simply enjoy a tasty beverage for its texture and taste, you won’t go wrong with cold press juice too.

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