Unparalleled Juicing Technology

Creating new possibilities with an innovative squeezing method

The secret to the pleasing flavour and nutritional value of juices made with Hurom slow juicers our Slow Squeeze Technology, an innovative squeezing method developed and designed by Hurom.

Our Slow Squeeze Technology is an advanced version of the traditional squeezing method, and is designed to minimise nutrition loss by squeezing fruits & vegetables at high pressure & at an optimal rotational speed. Not only is it convenient and easy to use, this technology is the key to making cold-pressed juices of higher quality.

Equipped with Slow Squeeze Technology, our slow juicers allow you to produce juices from fruits, vegetables, and even nuts, putting glasses of premium juice on your table every day.


Squeezing the nutrients out of nature

The auger is the key to minimising nutrient loss due to exposure to oxygen and frictional heat, as it allows the slow juicer to effectively press the ingredients at low rotational speeds.


Fine Strainer
Filtering out the impurities from your juices

The fine strainer removes solid particles from the juice. This improves the juice's texture massively, and also facilitates the absorption of nutrients in the body.


Spinning Brush
Blending the colours and flavours of nature together

The spinning brush thoroughly mixes the nutrients, flavours and colours from different fruits and vegetables, thereby enriching the taste and aroma of the juice.

01. Technology - Auger

The science of nutrient preservation: The Auger

Juicing ingredients at high rotational speeds, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of rotations per minute, can result in accelerated rates of oxidation. And depending on its length, the auger allows different amounts of oxygen to enter the juicer and make contact with the ingredients.

The high pressure produced by the auger is not enough to guarantee the production of high-quality juice; pressing juice well requires some science. The auger used in Hurom slow juicers is made from a strong plastic called polyetherimide (PEI), which is ideal for use in high-pressure environments.

By rotating at 43 rpms, our PEI auger minimises oxidation, thereby maximising the nutrient content of the juices it produces.

02. Technology - Fine strainer

The fineness of the strainer determines the overall performance of the juicer.

The fine strainer features a 0.3-millimeter mesh grid, which effectively filters out nearly all solid particles to create juices with a soft, velvety texture.

The external and internal sizes of the fine strainer are different, which facilitates the straining process when liquid passes through the fine mesh.

It is also made of durable polyetherimide (PEI) and high-strength stainless steel, allowing it to effectively endure the high pressures built up inside the chamber.

03. Technology - Spinning Brush

The spinning brush: mixing the colours & flavours of nature

The spinning brush thoroughly mixes all the components of the different fruits and vegetables, making the texture of the juice more uniform and velvety while enhancing its natural flavour & aroma.

04. Technology - Control Lever

A new & novel idea: juicing made easier with a control lever

With the control lever, you can adjust the width of the pulp outlet and set the pressure inside the chamber according to the type and freshness of the ingredients.

By allowing you to adjust the settings to accommodate different types of ingredients, the control lever allows you to make juice with the texture you have always wanted.  

05. Technology - Juice Cap

The juice cap: an additional convenience

Keeping the juice cap closed while juicing increases the circulation of the solid and liquid components of the ingredients, making the texture of the resulting juice more uniform and enhancing its natural flavour.

The juice cap also makes it possible to create a variety of other drinks, such as multi-ingredient juices, soy milk, and smoothies.

06. Technology - Motor

A cutting-edge AC motor that is quiet yet strong

Hurom’s alternating current (AC) motor is known for its low noise and vibration levels, allowing you to make juice in a noise-free environment.

Another thing it is known for is its high durability, which ensures the long lifespan of Hurom slow juicers.