Reddot Design Awards

The Red Dot Design Award, where high-quality products created by designers from all around the world are examined, judged, and selected to receive prizes, is one of the most renowned design awards in the world.

We have won this prestigious award for several of our innovative, highly functional slow juicer models, including the HH-SBF06 model in 2013 and the HW-SBF15 model in 2015.

Red Dot Award / Product Design 2015 : HW-SBF15
Red Dot Award / Product Design 2013 : HH-SBF06

iF Product Design Award

Along with Germany’s Red Dot Design Award and the United States’ International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), the iF Product Design Award is one of the most highly regarded design awards in the world.

This event has been held in Hanover, Germany, since 1953. Our slow juicers received high scores in over 10 criterias, including practicality, safety, durability, creativity, and design quality, leading us to win a total of three product design awards for our HH-SBF06 and HK-BBF06 models in 2014 and our HW-SBF15 model in 2015.

iF product design award 2015 : HW-SBF15
iF product design award 2014 : HK-BBF06
iF product design award 2014 : HH-SBF06

International Design
Excellence Awards (IDEA)

Often compared to Hollywood’s Academy Awards in terms of scale and reputation, the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) is an award program sponsored by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA).

As the most prestigious design award in North America, the IDEA is considered to be among the top three design awards in the world, along with the Red Dot Award and iF Product Design Award.

In 2013, we were selected as a Bronze Winner by the prestigious award program for our HH-SBF06 model.

International Design Excellence Awards 2013 : HH-SBF06

Hurom Hits Grand Slam at International Invention Awards

In 2010 , we hit a grand slam by winning the top three international invention awards in Geneva, Pittsburgh, and Nuremberg. With our proactive participation in various invention exhibitions all around the world, our technical expertise has garnered significant recognition.

2010 - Gold Award at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in Switzerland
2010 - Most Innovative Kitchen Appliance Award at the Invention & New Product Exposition (INPEX) in the United States
2010 - Gold Medal at iENA Nuremberg in Germany 

"Hurom, the world's No.1 slow juicer brand in 2017"

Footnote: “Source Euromonitor International Limited;
Consumer Appliances 2018ed, retail volume terms, all retail channels, 2017 data”