Young Looking Skin


Bell Peppers 100g
Kiwi 80g
Lemons 10g
Strawberries 100g
Oranges 160g


1. Remove the stalk ends of strawberries.

2. Chop bell peppers into smaller pieces, about 4 cm in length per piece.

3. Slice kiwi into 4 parts with the skin, leaving the skin on (or off if you prefer it that way).

4. Peel oranges and lemons; slice in half and divide into 4 parts.

5. Put bell peppers, kiwis, strawberries, oranges and lemons into your Hurom slow juicer and juice.

Tips & Notes

1. Acidic fruits such as kiwis, oranges and lemons accelerate the secretion of gastric acid in your stomach, which may lead to heartburn.

2. As such, avoid taking them on an empty stomach or before sleeping.