5 Uncommon But Interesting Foods That People Juice

Hurom Juice Recipe

Juicing has become increasingly popular in recent years and it's here to stay. With more and more recipes on the internet, we now have a vast variety to pick and select one that satisfies our taste buds. While some of the recipes stick with combinations that will never go wrong, there are also some unusual foods that you might have come across. 

Here are 5 out of the ordinary yet incredibly nutritious ingredients, that you might want to consider adding into your next blend:




Rising on the Superfood chart, these tiny mushrooms are packed with vitamins, fibre and high quality protein to boost your immune system. At the same time, being extremely low in calories. As much as it might sound like a weird juicing ingredient but with the right combinations, it will make a perfect tasty juice recipe! You can try this out with soaked Shiitake or button mushrooms. 



Pandan Juice

Well-known for its sweet fragrant smell, pandan is a commonly used ingredient in some of our favourite local delights such as Kueh, cakes and Nasi Lemak! Do not expect yourself to be sipping on this highly concentrated pandan juice. Instead, substitute water with your fresh pandan juice (or pandan extract) in any cake or bread recipe to give it a slightly fragrant taste. 

Not sure what to do with the leftover pulp? Add it to your potted plants and it will make a great plant fertilizer!




The thought of juicing raw onions has definitely put me off my juice (or food). However, there are plenty of benefits that raw onions can bring you - such as antibacterial properties, boost digestive health and control blood sugar. Unless you are into strong overpowering flavours, juice it with other fruits and vegetables to dilute the taste. 



Sweet Potato


When it comes to juicing, sweet potatoes might not be in the list of ingredients. However, it's full of health benefits and Vitamins A, B and C, making it a vital health food to add into your juicing recipes! Wash the sweet potato and chop it into strips to fit into your juicer. The texture will create a smooth and creamy consistency to your juice. 

Did you know that the pulp from potatoes is the perfect ingredient to make delicious hash browns? Try it with potatoes or switch up your recipe with some sweet potato!



Ginger Juice

Cannot imagine drinking ginger juice? As a common ingredient in Asian cooking, ginger juice is also found as a popular summer choice. Ginger is well known as an effective natural remedy due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Use a spoon to peel the skin and drop it into the juicer to obtain your freshly made Ginger juice - you can add water and sugar to your preference. 

Ginger Shots are also a popular beverage made with fresh ginger! If you are ready for a highly concentrated and spicy taste, give this a shot!  


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