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Hurom H300 Series
Hurom H300 Series
Hurom H300 Series
Hurom H300 Series
Hurom H300 Series
Hurom H300 Series
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Hurom H300 Series

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The Hurom H300 is a refined and capable self-feeding juicer that offers an excellent user experience at every stage of the juicing process. Its parts and mechanism are all designed for easy use and cleaning, and Hurom’s Slow Squeeze Technology™ ensures consistent juicing results.


  1. Juicing speed of 60/70 rotations per minute
  2. Self-feeding single augur juicing mechanism
  3. Slow Squeeze Technology™
  4. Whole fruit and vegetable juicing
  5. Unique multi-screw augur
  6. BPA free juicing components
  7. Easy to clean
  8. Modern and elegant design
  9. Power-efficient 150-watt motor


Chamber Capacity 350 ml
229 (W) x 221 (D) x 462 (H) mm
Weight 6.2 kg
RPM 60/70 rpm
Motor A/C
Power Consumption 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 150w
Cord Length 1.4 m

Body – ABS
Chamber – Tritan
Hopper – ABS


Mega Hopper
Squeezing Screw
Fine Strainer
Coarse Strainer
Juice Container
Pulp Container
Cleaning Brush

Recipe book


Matte Black

Household Size 1-4 Pax


Hurom Singapore offers a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects and 10-year warranty on motors for juicers authorised to sell in Singapore. Juicer repairs are carried out at our service center at Paya Lebar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Worth it!

The machine is definitely worth it. Though it is not as advertised, where you put in an apple without cleaning them of their seed. Preparation is still needed but love the end result and the cleaning! Cleaning is a breeze. Glad I got this.
Only thing is, I hope Hurom service will be improved in future. My item got returned to seller twice and only managed to reach me on their third attempt and that too with me following closely with the courier company.

Save time

Was deciding between H300 and H200 but bought this in the end since it was cheaper during 5.5 sales. H200 also has limited space for pulp waste while h300 do not require regular emptying.
It is a lot easier to assemble and clean as compared to my older Hurom juicer. It is also hands-free and does not require chopping into small pieces. It stops automatically when the batch is done.
One drawback is that the juice can be pulpy compared to my older juicer. I have to strain the juice to remove the pulp now.
But overall, this is a great purchase! Saved time and I hope it will last a long time

Sharon Speed

Excellent juicer. Easier to clean but not quite as hassle free as depicted. Overall good value though.

Fast Delivery

Very fast delivery. Received the juicer in good condition.

Brian Liew
Best juicer ever

Loving every bit of the machine. Have never for juicing this easy and it’s as easy to clean as a water bottle. Worth every cent of it!

The Brand New Hurom H300 Easy Series Smart Juicer 

Your average juicer needs you to chop every ingredient. Your average juicer needs your constant attention. Your average juicer is near impossible to clean easily.

The Hurom H300 is far from average.

Hurom's latest and smartest model in juicing technology is designed to not get in your way. The built in intelligence system means that you never have to worry about your juices ever again. On top of that, it is dead easy to clean.

We have kept everything that worked well with our juicers and made them even better with the H300 Easy Series.

Self Feeding Hopper

Zero preparation needed

Just throw in the ingredients and the high power auto-crushing trimming wings will take care of the rest. No more chopping everything into tiny bits!

Mega Hopper Design

Fit more ingredients in

Open wide with the Mega Hopper. The 136mm wide opening allows you to put whole fruits in. It can even fit 3 whole apples with room for more! Supports up to 2l.

All-in-One Multi Screw Drum

Less is more

Say goodbye to your fine strainer, coarse strainer, ice-cream strainer, and auger. The brand new 2 piece multi-screw drum does everything you can ask a juicer to do and then some!

Automatic Detection Motor

Elegantly intelligent

The H300 monitors juicing pressure stability. If it gets too high, it will automatically engage reverse rotation and continue juicing to ensure optimal and fuss free extraction. 

Simple design and simply perfect

Intuitive user experience

The H300 is so intelligent, all it needs is one button to engage extraction, reverse, and standby mode.

Built-in automatic standby mode

Set it and forget it

The H300 automatically stops after 5 minutes of extraction. All you have to do is put the ingredients, turn it on, and carry on with your day.

Beauty and brains combined.

With the H300 Easy Series Smart Juicer, you can finally have the best of both worlds.

Simple, delicious, healthy:
Hurom. Everyday.

One colourful, nutrient-packed glass of juice a day

For a healthier and more youthful lifestyle, it is important to consume a balanced blend of fruits and vegetables of varying colours and flavours.

Enjoy the rich flavours and health benefits you deserve with the New Hurom H200 Easy Series slow juicer.

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